9 morning habits that cause weight gain … Learn about them

Weight gain is one of the health problems that plagues many, as it results in many serious health problems, so it is important to get rid of excess weight to prevent diseases, and if you are not able to lose weight quickly or if you gain weight unnecessarily, then you definitely have habits Pursuit of bad in your life that helps in increasing your weight, according to “onlymyhealth”.

Learn 9 harmful morning habits that lead to weight gain:

1- Ignore eating breakfast

Breakfast is an essential meal and should not be ignored, you should start your day with it and contain healthy nutrients and lead to satiety, as not eating in the morning makes your day very stressful, and you should make sure to eat it before 11 am, as it is very useful to nourish the body and boost metabolism.

2- Lack of exercise

It is preferable to do exercises in the morning than in the evening, as physical activity is very necessary at the beginning of the day, and morning exercises give effective results for weight loss such as walking, running and swimming, as they are very necessary for other body functions.

3- Lack of drinking water

Make sure to drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up in the morning, and drinking enough water is an essential part of losing weight, as it gives a feeling of fullness most of the time, so you should give up the habit of consuming less water and make it a morning rule.

4- Ignore doing yoga or meditation

Meditation or yoga are good habits and should be included in everyone’s morning routine for at least half an hour, as they can help control the desire to eat, so they are useful for a weight loss regimen, and they also treat other health problems such as high blood sugar levels and pressure. the blood.

5- Excessive sleep

This opens the appetite because it stimulates the hormone cortisol, which may lead to overeating, and also causes the number of hours between dinner and breakfast to be prolonged, which is not beneficial to the body.

6- Fast food intake

A recent study showed that most people eat fast due to their lack of time, which causes eating more calories before feeling full, especially since it takes 15-20 minutes for the brain to realize that the stomach is full, and then the speed leads to overeating Food leads to weight gain.

7- Ignore the weight measurement

Many people flee from reality and avoid measuring their weight, and this is incorrect because it may lead to weight gain, as experts advise the importance of measuring weight as soon as you wake up in the morning, as adapting to this habit can be very useful in losing weight, maintaining it and controlling any Increase occur.

8- Eat processed foods for breakfast

There are some foods that should be completely avoided to reduce the risk of weight gain and other diseases, as the breakfast should contain vegetables and fruits and avoid eating processed foods that contain large amounts of sugar and salt and may cause unhealthy weight gain.

9- Eat easy foods, according to your mood

Many people eat foods that are available and easy to them, especially at work time, which represents a great danger to them because in this case they resort to fast foods that lead to weight gain, but instead eat foods that you make yourself at home, provided that they are healthy and useful.


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