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Let’s see what would happen if the gas supply stopped, but it wasn’t fun, to Martin Pacovsk, from Prask plynrensk

Plyn is now roughly ptkrt dra not last year. In addition, there is a lot of variant that this Russian Europe is in full swing. Martin Pacovsk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Prask plynrensk, appointed the company.

How are we preparing for the fact that Russia is proving to be a good trading partner and will continue to supply gas?

The situation that the gas will not be can be easily prepared. The discussion on how to disconnect the anti-interference gas in Europe will, of course, take place regardless of whether the disruption of the party to this step occurs or not. The gas industry works different scnch, just don’t talk too loud. In particular, there are examples of you in Germany that traders will gradually get rid of the Russian one through gas. Therefore, so that they do not find any sanctions. Quietly direct your Russian resources.

If I only focused on our company, then we have our own scene ready. We know what would happen if the gas supply stopped for some reason, it is elaborated in detail. Of course, this is not the joy, but it is well-founded. Then there is the crisis of our owner, the capital of Prague, where the gas issue is coordinated by selectivity.

So what about the households that you have the upper hand among your customers?

Gas is now about five days, not last year, one megawatt hour costs about 100 euros. Let’s compare this fact by stating that the average household consumption of connected gas is around 4 MWh. This put pressure on energy savings and efficiency. For households with an old gas boiler for heating and heating water, it is possible to buy a new condensate gas boiler, which is relatively cheap and has 20 percent less consumption than the old ones they have at home.

Natural gas has a negative connotation, although it is not his fault. It is the fault of the Russian supplier.

The situation is complicated by the fact that you buy and install a boiler, but for example the transition of a renewable source – photovoltaics and a heat pump – is much more difficult today than two, because the demand has risen so that they are very long delivery times. It is possible to make controversial measures, but it will help the bird to shorten the horizon only the walls.

What can winters do esk vlda, industrial enterprises aplynrensk companies?

All the darkest scenes will find that gas will be available to households. The capacity of the system when the storage tanks are full will be sufficient for the storage household. Even the heating season would probably be successful, and if it was put into operation, further crisis measures would be provided, replaceable delivery routes and the like. There is a problem with how much customers will pay for gas.

The disconnecting consumer, first of all the industrial ones, is obviously not available today, but we must be able to imagine who it would lead to. All types of scn are developed by gas distributors. Once the supply of gas was reduced, the industry would be affected. The price of gas would rise for obvious reasons, which logically leads to the question of which companies would be able to apply. It would have an impact on employment, the social area. It is hard to know whether such a scn would be load-bearing. Fast provided but we do not have.

Can’t it come out in the short term?

The preparation of a crisis situation of this type has a long-term character. But I think that the scene of what would be disconnected from Russian gas is a problem with a pan-European dimension. It is to be expected that Europe has done so to prevent this from happening. As for he stt, he has to take care of both the energy response and the consumer. The security of the delivery of the chapter view is then dimmed. Not only is it gassed, but the steel energy segment. Firmm pitom goes to billions of crowns.

The government has imposed an obligation on commercial gas to fill the storage tanks of gas tanks by 80 percent, which is a costly affair. What if you don’t all do it?

At the moment, we do not have an amendment to the energy bill, its rule must be that if you do not use the multiple, you should not claim it. This would help to completely fill the hopper. Traders merge gas because at low gas prices, the purchase of gas is a huge expense. For our society, for example, this means a city of one billion seven billion. For that, let’s take a look at the costs of the exchange guarantee, uOTE– Market Organizer–, and we are moving many billions of crowns extra. And this year we will sell this gas, so the funds will be drilled, but it is necessary to hell the time discrepancy with the purchase. The government is trying to help, for example, launched an auction system to increase the amount that compensates for the cost of gas storage, but the problem is easy to always talk to.

Narte nato, e Prask plynrensk tento problm zveejnila?

Yes, we did not hide our stm. The company is not strong enough to pay in this new situation. After all, don’t just talk to them. The demand for capital investment has increased dramatically. We have the main city, of course, his representative approved the guarantee for this year.

Is there any possibility how to apply it?

It would be enough if the Czech government copied the German system. It is financed by their development bank. If our owner does not comply, we will not fill the containers, we can work without them – of course, assuming a normal situation. The safety of the furnace supply is primarily limited. It should be possible for us to have full supplies, its role is to finance the security of the delivery. We are ready to implement this, but our primary role is to trade in gas and adhere to the safety standard of delivery. However, this standard does not depend on how the stack is full. If the market operator requires cancellations due to energy prices, it has recently happened that we had to replenish him 750 million crowns one week. The question is whether the government should not be under these circumstances and meet the requirements of the UOTE. Some of them, perhaps, would not just have to, when you should be fed in a large amount of gas.

The disconnection of Russian gas would be a problem with a pan-European dimension, and it is also to be expected that Europe will act to prevent this from happening.

However, if the gas does not flow from Russia at all, we will get to the so-called state of emergency, when I will certainly be able to regulate even entities. This is not some business parameters, but delivery as such. Pichz regulation, because otherwise the price of gas could be astronomical.

Where would the knm gas drink the Russian tap? Is mon getting him to Europe enough?

We could do it in about three years without Russian gas getting around. Until now, this was not possible without pan-European solidarity. Europe has a functioning gas industry only in Norway, with a certain capacity. Norwegians are ready to deliver it to the market. However, this amount is not such as to compensate for the collapse of Russian gas. Algeria can supply it, but the main role should be played by LNG – liquefied petroleum gas. In addition to special tankers, you only have large terminals. This is a bug anemme or evaporator capacity that would gas the gas line. The situation will change over the years, for example Germany is filling a new large terminal in Hamburg, and in five years a new capacity will be created in Belgium and the Netherlands. Urit, which will happen. It is only a difficult time when Russian gas gradually ceases to be used and replaces LNG, which is not the case, as the world is. United States, Qatar and others will deliver it today. The process is simple: the merchant buys a tanker and several tankers, but at the same time, for example, I have to figure out how to get their contents across borders. We realized that Prask gasworks would cost units of such ships, because their capacity is really large.

But the pipeline is a lot in the EU…

They don’t all lead us in the direction. The nearest free terminals are where the gas will come from, especially Germany. As for the connection of the gas pipeline to Poland: at the time when it was current, the situation was quite different. No one knew the safety of the delivery, no one expected the problem to occur. In addition, Nord Stream 2 was built. Short-term for us connected to Poland is not a priority. When the terminals arrive in Germany, it may be suitable for us. For example, the expiration of imported from Norway. One crisis scene in the case of Peru’s Russian gas supplies assumed that western Europe would completely give up Norwegian gas to the entrance of Europe and use LNG, which would come across the Netherlands.

Martin Pacovsk

pedseda pedstavenstva, Prask plynrensk

Since January 2021 he has been the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Prask plynrensk, as He graduated from the University of Economics in Prague and obtained an MBA from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

She has been working in the energy sector for many years, at EZ he has been involved in renewable sources and has worked in Germany and Romania. He was also in EZ in the position of risk manager in the start-up INVEN CAPITAL, switching to the same technology.

However, it is up to the European Union to find a way to fund projects that lead to the security of supplies. It certainly does not follow commercial principles. You will have to build the capacity of the terminal, we do not need to build new transit lines now, although you will not be used intensively. Let us know, for example, that the line between Spain and France is insufficiently dimensioned, which offers the possibility to increase the dimensioning, but and there will be terminals operating north of Germany and Poland, it would not be so much needed again. Therefore, the need for a support mechanism for these investments.

What does Prask gas supply fulfill at its best? How can you take steps to replace natural gas with alternatives?

Plynrensk s is ready to lint with biomethane, it is its mastered technology. In the Czech Republic, there is a relative capacity of one billion cubic meters of biomethane, which would be a significant contribution to one-ninth of natural gas consumption. Prague will build a large biogas plant in the local sewage system. So we agree with some biogas that we would eat dobiomethane. Biomethane is very undervalued, we should support this model.

For consumers, this was a bad time. They will be fully affected by the new heating season. If you don’t have a fixed price, you can pay for gas and electricity. The following year will also be uncomfortable. Me pick up a thousand.

Only in the last year will the people receive invoices for the year 2022 and only then will they realize that the surroundings are expensive. Is the shock going, surprised, in any way socially able to handle it?

Autumn azima really will not be merry in terms of energy prices adopad population. The increase in energy prices will start to fully affect people’s money when the new heating season starts. If you don’t have a fixed price, you can get a new deposit, both gas and electricity a And then the ron will come out. It can be a few thousand more people with the idea that they will turn off their gas or electricity, and they will start to receive a pension. The need for emergency is a lot of data embarrassment, moreover, it is not a simple administration. They are so ashamed that they should be overworked. It is said that a real proposal for a social dispute tariff will be implemented, a model of some sort of voucher, which would mean that the price of consumed megawatt hours would be paid less. Ze4 MWh ron would make you two cheaper. For all the same, so that it is not an administrative nron.

Mete svm zkaznkm njak pomhat?

We want to offer them a counseling service. Not directly through the customer center, there often people do not dare to call, but we will offer them an independent path. We have an agreement with the Institute of Prevention and a guide where they can get competent and understandable advice on what to do with their case. In our case, we will not disconnect anyone if they communicate with them. The process is disconnected and the most extreme variant, we can agree with the people, but we have to talk to them. It will be mentally nron, but it’s not the fault of gas as a commodity itself. Electricity grows similarly.

Will the people of the panic leave the waste?

The problem is that the gas has a negative connotation, although it is not really his fault, it is the fault of the Russian supplier. In general, gas furnaces are not a bad thing. The abolition of support for the replacement boiler is not necessary. It is not possible to install a heat pump or photovoltaic panels everywhere. Now, many think it’s best to get off the gas. Personally, however, I do not know that when we lose Russian gas, a significant energy portfolio of natural gas as such will disappear. Although, for example, the taxonomy of the European Gas Commission does not sleep. Renewable sources need malpractice, and gas sources will be needed in the future. If the gas for the household will be, you don’t have to be thrown out of the gas boiler.


Sthnte si plohu v PDF

What is the influence of change postponed by the crisis, caused, among other things, by the wolf in Ukraine by the anegative accession of Russia?

In court, the security of gas transit in Europe has been strengthened. A model similar to the one that is a power system is created. The transmission capacity will be the same for the universe from the bottom to the top and to the top. Vc will invest in energy security. Customers will probably pay attention to who is the supplier, the grain spit is separated. I think they will think similarly to choosing a bank. The role of strong energy companies will be strengthened and we will understand that it is good to take a hard partner. The new situation will lead to real energy disputes, support for new technologies, renewable resources. The people must understand that nothing is self-saving, but dreaming of the eclectic aplyn mon is. If we go through this crisis, it will lead to the stability of avt “greenery” of energy. It will shift energy long as the crisis. I am optimistic that I think that the gas will not be completely disconnected, but you will put prices on the pressure to save, not to consume, and to reduce the carbon footprint. We will inadvertently reach the Green Deal from above.

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