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Leica M10 monochrome with 40 megapixel resolution

Leica Camera AG continues to promote digital black and white photography and introduces the new Leica M10 monochrome. With its newly developed 40 megapixel black and white sensor, according to Leica, it should “achieve a new level of quality in black and white photography”.

The particularly high-resolution black and white image sensor of the M10 monochrome is the first black and white camera in the rangefinder system with a sensitivity range from ISO 160 to ISO 100,000. The new black and white image sensor is optimally matched to the entire Leica M lens portfolio and makes full use of its performance spectrum in terms of contrast, resolution and structure.

In terms of further technical equipment and the operating concept, the M10 monochrome corresponds to the series model of the M10-P, a discreet version of the Leica M camera that focuses entirely on the essential camera functions. Its features include an extremely quiet shutter and the quietest trigger of all M-cameras built so far, which makes it an ideal tool when it comes to capturing authentic shots in the middle of life.

Adapted to the discrete way of working, the design of the M10 monochrome is kept simple and reduced. The red Leica logo on the front of the camera was deliberately omitted and the “Leica M10 Monochrome” lettering engraved in the top cap is unobtrusively designed. The consequent avoidance of colored engravings also underlines the design of the black and white character of the camera.

The material and workmanship of the Leica M10 monochrome meet the high standard of all Leica M cameras. Leica emphasizes that the Leica M10 monochrome is largely manufactured by hand by experienced specialists using complex manufacturing methods. It is built so sturdy that even tough operating conditions cannot harm it.

Example pictures taken with the Leica M10 monochrome (Leica press photos from Nicolas Simenon)

The Leica M10 monochrome is now available for a suggested retail price of CHF 9350.00.

Further information under
Leica Camera AG
CH-2590 Nidau
Tel. 032 332 90 90



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