Leaked New Honda Car, Cheaper Price than BR-V

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.comNews of the presence of new products from Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) emerged from the DKI Jakarta Samsat page. On the page that displays the amount of Motor Vehicle Sales Value (NJKB), a new model appears.

In total there are five variants of two different codes, namely DG47 and DG48. For the DG47, there are two variants, namely the 1.5 E and 1.5 RS which use a manual transmission. While the DG48 has three variants, namely 1.5 E, 1.5 RS, and 1.5 RS Z with CVT transmission.

Judging from the nomenclature, it is estimated that new car it uses a 1500 cc engine. Then, it is available in E, RS and RS Z variants with two transmission options, manual and CVT.

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photo" data-photolink="http://otomotif.kompas.com/image/2022/06/21/144100515/bocoran-mobil-baru-honda-harga-lebih-murah-dari-br-v?page=2" style="max-width: 100%;width:750px">snippet of the DKI Jakarta Samsat page Alleged new Honda product for the Indonesian market

Then, when viewed again from NJKB, the price ranges from Rp. 163 million to Rp. 189 million. When compared to the NJKB All New BR-V when it first appeared, the difference is not far enough. NJKB BR-V starts from IDR 180 million to IDR 217 million.

Until now, the editors have not received any leaks of what new products Honda Indonesia has prepared. It can be seen from the vehicle code “DG”, the same as belonging to Honda BR-V which has the code DG3 for the latest generation.

So this product could have something in common with the All New BR-V, it could be a crossover style or a seven-passenger MPV. If you refer to the two models above, it is possible that the products prepared are finished products from SUVs RS Concept or All New Mobilio.

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For the RS Concept SUV, there are actually images of the production version patents that have been circulating on social media. While the Mobilio, since the appearance of the All New BR-V, there has been no new generation.

It’s interesting to see what Honda’s new car will look like in Indonesia. If the production version of the RS Concept SUV is launched, there will be more and more compact SUV-style cars on the streets of the country.

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