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Leaked iPhone 16 Design Renders: Yellow, Pink, and Black Variants


iPhone 16 It was rumored that it would come with a design similar to the iPhone 12. The news is blowing hard again, and now there is a render showing a leak of the iPhone 16.

This leak comes from MacRumors, which claims to have information about the pre-production design of the iPhone 16. Judging from the renders shared by MacRumors, the iPhone 16 looks like it will bring changes to the camera arrangement and buttons.

MacRumors shows three renders with different shapes and colors. They claim these three colors (yellow, pink, and black) follow the colors Apple used during the testing process.


The yellow iPhone 16 render appears to have a vertical rear camera arrangement, a la the iPhone

Meanwhile, iPhone 16 The pink and black colors have a rear camera which is also arranged vertically. The difference is that each camera is made separately, similar to the iPhone 12.

Initial design render of iPhone 16 Photo: MacRumors

Not only the camera arrangement, MacRumors also indicates that Apple will change the design of the iPhone 16 buttons. The yellow variant shows a cellphone with a unified Action Button and volume button, while the pink variant features a separate Action Button and volume button in the style of the iPhone 15.

Meanwhile, the black variant shows a cellphone with a larger Action Button and a Capture Button whose function is still mysterious. MacRumors said that the black iPhone 16 design is predicted to be chosen by Apple, as quoted from MacRumors, Thursday (14/12/2023).

It is not yet known why Apple changed the camera design iPhone 16. One theory circulating is that Apple will introduce a spatial video feature on the iPhone 16 so that the camera layout will be overhauled.

MacRumors confirms that this information matches the initial design of the iPhone 16. But this design plan is not final and could still change.

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