iPhone 12 Sold Without Charger So Netizen Joke


Packing box iPhone 12 certainly Apple will not be equipped charger or earphones. Apple’s reason is because it wants the company to be more environmentally friendly, but many netizens have even made it a joke, in addition to scattered protests.

Because they are no longer provided in the sales box, new iPhone users will have to buy EarPods and a charger adapter separately. Apple’s Vice President of Environmental, Social and Policy Initiatives, Lisa Jackson, said that besides cutting production costs, this new policy will also make Apple environmentally friendly by reducing waste.

Here is one funny teaser from netizens. In 2016 iPhone without headphone jack, in 2017 home button removed, this year turn no charger and earphones. Well next year, it may even be possible that there is no iPhone in the packaging.

IPhone meme 12. Photo: special

The following meme is hilarious too, where after selling 1 kidney to buy iPhone 12, it turns out that you still have to sell the other kidney in order to buy a charger.

Meme iPhone 12IPhone meme 12. Photo: special

Already bought expensive to sell kidneys, how come there’s no charger.

Meme iPhone 12IPhone meme 12. Photo: special

Maybe later, Apple’s packaging box won’t have Apple phones, only apples.

Meme iPhone 12IPhone meme 12. Photo: special

Many Indonesian netizens are also nosy to comment on this. “The iPhone 12 in the sales package only contains cellphones & cables. No charger. Feeling buying a bar cellphone,” wrote @shitlicious.

iPhone 12 sold without chargers and earpods … for environmental reasons. Why don’t you sell cellphones without all the cellphones, it’s much more friendly, “wrote another. Not a few are worried that Apple’s steps will be followed by other cellphone vendors.

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