Leader of Motorcycle Gang in Jakarta Suspected of Molesting 40 Children

Leader of Motorcycle Gang in Jakarta Suspected of Molesting 40 Children


The leader of a motorcycle gang with the initials A is suspected of molesting 40 boys and girls in Bengkalis, Riau. The perpetrator also forced the victim to swallow semen or sperm.

Reported detikNorth Sumatra, Tuesday (26/9/2023), the case was revealed after one of the victims was suspected by his family because he remained silent and kept to himself. The victim’s parents then checked cell phone (HP) of the victim and found a suspicious conversation between the victim and the perpetrator with the initials A (38) on 10 September.

“Initially, one of the victims noticed a change in attitude and was seen by his parents. He was asked, talked to, then agreed say,” said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit for Bengkalis Police, AKP Firman Fadhila, as reported detikNorth Sumatra Tuesday (26/9/2023).



Firman said the victim, who was a boy, experienced trauma after being molested by A. The family, who did not accept this, then reported A to the Mandau Police until the police arrested the perpetrator at a shop in the Bathin Solapan area, Bengkalis.

After being arrested, A was interrogated until finally the police received information that 39 boys and 1 girl were victims of sexual abuse. Not only were they molested, the victims, called Firman, were also ordered to drink the victim’s sperm.

“Also drank his semen, reason demanded black magic. What is certain is that the victims are also traumatized and embarrassed too. “The average age of the victims is 11-13 years,” said the former Head of the Indragiri Hulu Criminal Investigation Unit.

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