Outrage Over Gelateria Serafini’s Extra Charges for Cutlery

Outrage Over Gelateria Serafini’s Extra Charges for Cutlery

– I’m never going back here. But if you’ve decided to visit – bring your own cutlery.

That’s what an anonymous woman writes on Tripadvisor after a visit to Gelateria Serafini in the town of Lavis in northern Italy.

She is upset after having to pay extra to get two scoops for the ice cream she and her husband wanted to share.

That’s what the newspaper writes The Times.

The critics hail: – Completely hopeless

Completely wild

The woman, who does not want to be named, says that the bill provoked. She says in the review that the ice cream cost 8 euros, but that with an extra spoon she had to pay 9 euros instead.

Now she tells The Times that she does not want to go back.

– It is completely crazy to have to pay extra for a spoon, she says further.

It is not the first time that the eatery in question has received harsh criticism. Earlier this month, another woman wrote on the review service’s website that she had to pay more to get an extra plate at the location in question.

– My daughter wanted to taste my food, so I asked for another plate. I was pulled over for that, the review says.

The restaurant’s owner Ida Germano has commented on the matter in the wake of the complaints. She tells The Times that it is perfectly reasonable to pay extra for more cutlery, as there will be more cleaning for the kitchen.

– If you want something extra, you have to pay extra. It is completely clear, she says further.

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Found dead after three months

Creates reactions

In August, Dagbladet wrote about another family who were shocked when the bill arrived on the table at a restaurant in the same area. They had been charged extra for splitting their sandwich in half.

“Unbelievable, but true,” the man wrote in the review at the time and attached a photo of the bill.

This bar owner was also adamant that further requests have additional costs.

– We had to use two plates instead of one, and the time to wash them is doubled (…) It took us time to cut it in half, the owner told The Republic that time.

The various reviews have caused the internet to boil recently, and several are now coming out hard against the Italian tourism industry at Lake Como. Tripadvisor has therefore found it necessary to stop other reviews in the area until further notice.

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