Sport Laughter is back at Cambuur, where 198 spectators clap...

Laughter is back at Cambuur, where 198 spectators clap eleven times


The feeling of injustice surrounding the missed promotion will linger in Leeuwarden for a while, but Cambuur is also the club where spectators were allowed to take a seat in the stands for the first time after the corona stop.

A total of 198 healthy supporters entered the stands for the exhibition game with ONS Sneek. Singing and cheering is not allowed according to strict regulations, so there was clapping and honking.

“Nice that we are playing football again man”, trainer Henk de Jong beamed, finally with a smile on his face after he had shown himself from the other side around the settlement of the competition in recent months. But the button is over. “A great evening for everyone.”

Premier league ticket

The number one of the canceled season retained its best players and reopened the hunt for a Premier League ticket. With a sovereign 11-0 against the third divisionist from Sneek, the preparation is still running smoothly.


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