Latest leak, Xiaomi prepares 3 foldable cellphones next year? – Various smartphone manufacturers are predicted to be ready to launch their new devices with technology folding screen. Recent leaks claim that Xiaomi could introduce 3 foldable screen phones next year.

Ross Young, a screen industry analyst from Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) shared a leak about several types of folding screen cellphones that Xiaomi will carry.

Previously, Xiaomi officials gave teasers about their folding cellphone prototypes.

Even so until now, there is still no commercial launch. Several manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei and Motorola have taken initial steps considering they have launched smartphone screens to the market.

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Motorola carries a clamshell-shaped folding cellphone design, while Samsung has released a folding and clamshell design.

Leaks regarding Xiaomi’s folding cellphone. (Twitter / DSCCRoss)

Through his official tweet, Ross Young informed the public that Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi could launch foldable cellphones next year.

The CEO of DSCC revealed that Xiaomi could release a folding cellphone in three designs, namely out-folding, in-folding, and clamshell.

Even so, he did not say which one will be released to the market first.

Quoted from NDTV, in the first quarter of 2020 there is news stating that Xiaomi has ordered Samsung Display and LG Display for the foldable OLED panel.

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Xiaomi Foldable Smartphone.  (Twitter / @ evanleaks)
Foldable Smartphone Xiaomi. (Twitter/@evanleaks)

The order was claimed to be the material for making a clamshell design folding cellphone. Recently, Xiaomi has reportedly filed a patent for a foldable cellphone with four rear cameras.

The camera system can be rotated for selfies and can also be used as a rear camera. This line of news is still leaked and has not been confirmed by Xiaomi.

Even so, considering company officials and several teasers about Xiaomi’s folding cellphones or smartphones have been circulating, the new Xiaomi device is quite awaited next year.



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