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According to the Timeline of the COVID-19 Operation Center, Nonthaburi, reported that a patient infected with COVID-19 came to buy products at the market on 31 Dec ’20 – 11 Jan ’64.

Public health Pathum Thani Province In conjunction with the four corners of the city market Additional proactive COVID checks were carried out with 1,036 merchants, laborers, and officials on 13-15 Jan ’64. No infected person was found. And from examining the behavior of buyers infected with the said Lam Luk Ka Public Health assumed that it was not infected from the four corners of the city market.

Proactive results indicate the state of the four corners of the market on the risk of COVID-19 infection. Still at a safe level Therefore I would like to inform you that Throughout the years, the market has implemented the most advanced prevention of COVID-19 in accordance with the regulations of the Department of Disease Control. Especially the Ministry of Public Health

  1. The market has cleaned up Big Cleaning and sprayed disinfectants every day.
  2. Strict fever screening measures
  3. Measures for not wearing a mask, a fine of 100 baht
  4. Spacing measures

The market therefore asks everyone to be confident that the executives, employees and stores Everyone is aware, ready and dedicated to implement all measures in accordance with the regulations of the Department of Disease Control. And working closely with the public health in Pathum Thani Province In order to serve everyone safely, the market would like to encourage all Thai people to go through this crisis together the best.

Additional information

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Four Mumuang Market has taken aggressive measures. To strictly control the spread of the COVID-19 virus, which covers the following 4 cores:

  1. Measures on screening, fever measurement And providing to wear masks all the time in the market area
    1. The market has temperature measurement for everyone who comes to use the service. If found, a person with a temperature of 37.5 degrees or more must be kept outside the area. And for workers, there will be random inspections in the market area every day. If found, those who have a temperature of 37.5 degrees or more will be sent to the hospital for further government measures.
    2. Must wear a mask all the time in the market area. If violated, will be fined 100 baht per time and if the user does not wear a mask Will not be able to enter the market And merchants do not sell products to people who do not wear masks.
  2. Measures on the protection of the overall market
    1. The market has Big Cleaning every day with a disinfectant solution. And spraying disinfectants in the market
    2. Arranging delivery areas to reduce contact between buyers and sellers.
    3. The food stalls in the market are not available to sit and eat at the restaurant.
    4. Arrange a scan point, Thai wins In order to be able to check user history and control the number of people using the service
    5. To protect against false information To listen to news from the market only without spreading false news. Unreliable Or in a way that could cause panic
    6. If there is any suspicious information or if a person with disease risk is found, coordinate and forward the area management department. Telephone number 02-995-0610 ext. 126 or via Facebook page, Line official for the market to check and coordinate with relevant departments
  3. Foreign workers measures
    1. All migrant workers are strictly prohibited from leaving the country.
    2. The owner of the panel is strictly prohibited from accepting foreign workers who are smuggled into the country to work.
    3. If the stall owner has labor in the stall That has traveled outside the country Must notify the labor department Or the security department So that the company will monitor and monitor
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* If violated, there will be a punishment according to the procedure.

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