Rome-Spezia, six changes outside the rules and defeat at the table

One substitution too many, that of Ibanez in the first extra period. So the Giallorossi would have lost the Italian Cup match anyway

One substitution too many, out of the rules. To establish that Roma, with the sixth change made after the two expulsions in extra time, was “outlawed” is the 88-A press release of last September 9 of the FIGC which, acknowledging the Ifab provisions on 5 changes, clarifies the rules.

The circular

Each team can make the five substitutions in the three slots during the match in addition to using the interval. A fourth substitution slot is possible for extra time, but only if – at the end of regular time – fewer than five players have been substituted.

The case

The slot used to let Fuzato and Ibanez enter, therefore, sees one replacement too many, that of Ibanez precisely. For this reason, regardless of the final result, Roma would still have reported a defeat at the table.


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