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“Lakers Take Early Lead in NBA Playoffs with Win Over Warriors”

Davis puts in master stats, Lakers beat Warriors in second-round opener

(Agence France-Presse, San Francisco, 2nd) Davis put up 30 points and 23 rebounds to lead the NBA Lakers to a 117-112 win over the Warriors in their first game of the second round of the playoffs.

When LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers played for the Cleveland Cavaliers, he met the Golden State Warriors in the championship for 4 consecutive seasons. In the case of 1 to 3 behind, winning 3 games in a row is the king. James and the Warriors’ “resentment and hatred” made the series between the Lakers and the Warriors in the second round of this season’s NBA playoffs a sensation before it was staged.

The Lakers scored 54 to 28 points in the penalty area today and beat the Warriors 6 times with 29 free throw opportunities. They easily scored 25 points with free throws, 20 points more than the Warriors. The control of the penalty area became the key to today’s victory watershed.

This much-anticipated series kicked off today at the Warriors’ home court. In the first quarter, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson scored 10 points each, leading the Lakers 31-29.

In the second quarter, the Warriors led by 3 points after Jordan Poole scored a 3-pointer. The Lakers went on an 8-0 offensive and led by 5 points. Although the Warriors caught up with Poole’s “4-point hit”, they took the lead after Andrew Wiggins (Andrew Wiggins) made two free throws. But James made a jump shot 2 seconds before halftime, and the Lakers led 65 to 64 in the first half.

After the easy basketball game, the Lakers led by 10 points after James scored a three-pointer. The Warriors came close with Draymond Green’s goal and Gary Payton II’s dunk. Afterwards, the Lakers extended the lead to 10 points twice, and the Warriors narrowed the lag to single digits with Kevon Looney’s dunk. After the first three quarters, the Lakers led 96-88.

In the final quarter, the Lakers went on a 7-0 offensive and extended the lead to 14 points. The Warriors evened the score with a 14-0 offensive after Curry scored a key three-pointer. But after D’Angelo Russell made a goal, Davis gave Curry a hot pot, and then James made 1 of two free throws, and the Lakers took a three-point lead. 9.1 seconds before the end, Poole missed the shot from outside the three-point line in the gap. After Schroder made two free throws, the Lakers won by 5 points.

The Lakers won today and got a good start in the series, leading 1-0. The two teams will continue to play against the Warriors at home on the 5th.

Davis of the Lakers scored a game-high 30 points in this campaign, grabbed 23 rebounds, sent 5 assists and 4 blocks; Lord (Dennis Schroder) both scored 19 points, Reaves (Austin Reaves) scored 10 points.

Curry and Thompson of the Warriors scored 27 points and 25 points respectively today. Poole, who came off the bench, contributed 21 points. Wiggins scored 15 points. Looney scored 10 points and grabbed 23 rebounds.

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