“Top 5 Countries to Have Admitted the Highest Number of Goals from Cristiano Ronaldo”

Cristiano Ronaldo launched a new celebration with Portugal.

Kenzo TRIBOUILLARD / AFP / Getty Images

The first FIFA date of 2023 of Cristiano Ronaldohas served not only for “7” to draw the first lines of Portugal’s qualification for Euro 2024, but also for El Bicho to continue breaking more personal records in terms of goals.

CR7 recently became the player with the most international appearances and is now the one who holds the record for national team goals, with 122.

But ultimately it has a list of countries that are its favorite victims, so below you will be able to know the 5 countries that have received the most goals from Cristiano Ronaldo.

Estonia occupies the fifth place of the victims of Cristiano Ronaldo, having conceded four goals against. they follow him in fourth place Switzerland, Armenia and Latvia, with 5.

The top 3 premiere it Andorra and Hungary with 6 while Lithuania occupies the undesired number two spot.

Finally, Luxembourg is in the top 1, having conceded at least 11 goals from Cristiano Ronaldo, two of them last Sunday.

The next match of the Portugal team will be against Bosnia and Herzegovina on June 17 for the third date of qualifying for Euro 2024. Four days later they will face Iceland.

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