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Laila Elwi Assures Fans About Adel Imam’s Health Amidst Rumors

After rumors spread almost daily about the deterioration of his health, Egyptian actress Laila Elwi revealed the development of the health condition of artist Adel Imam, as she tried to reassure his fans and fans.

In a television interview on the sidelines of her attendance at the Sharjah Film Festival, Alawi said that she is in constant contact with Rami, son of artist Adel Imam, in order to check on his health condition, commenting on “the spread of many rumors about him during the recent period.”

She pointed out by saying: “I am able to reassure him through his friends and Yusra because she is close to him,” stressing that the rumors that worry the artists are nothing but smoke and should not be believed.

Rumors about the health of leader Adel Imam do not stop, especially during the past weeks, which prompts his family to break their silence every now and then to deny these rumours.

Director Rami Imam recently commented on this news, stressing that they have become accustomed to it, considering that every age stage has rumors of a certain type. (Al-Arabiya)

2023-10-24 05:31:28

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