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La Jornada – Mayors undertake breast cancer detection sessions

Mexico City. Alvaro Obregón’s office of the mayor, in collaboration with the Breast Cancer Foundation (Fucam), has allowed for 22 days of mammograms, which have benefited 1,015 women and another nine days will be held this month to offer 540 free mammograms, mayor Lía Limone informed.

He recalled that, in the month of October, “we remember, with love, all the women who died fighting breast cancer; to the brave who continue to fight it every day; and those who have defeated that terrible disease ”.

Therefore, the importance of taking the necessary measures so that cancer does not take more lives, as breast cancer is the leading cause of death in women over the age of 25 in Mexico.

In Mexico City, one in four women diagnosed dies, so preventing breast cancer is everyone’s job. Let us not be paralyzed by fear! She stressed.

Also in the mayor’s office of Iztacalco, he announced the collaboration of Oncoayuda AC and M3M to perform 90 mammograms for the women of Iztacalco on 5, 6 and 7 October.

It is a question, he said, of providing women “with the necessary tools for timely identification and adequate treatment,” said the mayor, Armando Quintero.

She urged women to carry out the relevant studies and recalled that the Mayor’s Office has a mobile mastography in which the health jurisdiction participates.

According to information from Oncoayuda, 18 to 24 women die from cancer and one in eight 8 will suffer from it at some point in their life, plus 35% of women who develop it will have metastatic cancer with an average life span. not exceeding five years.

“Cancer must always be seen, not just in October, but 365 days a year and at all ages, and we have hair donations and psychoeducation campaigns for all those women who need it,” she said.

For its part, M3M has ensured that the technology that will be used in the 90 mammograms is the multifrequency electrical impedance “MEM”, which means that it is radiation-free and non-invasive.

In addition to visual assessment, a method that allows the examiner to make a quantitative assessment of mammograms, which is extremely important in the differential diagnosis of various breast states and their pathologies, he said.

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