La Jornada – Lawyer of owner of Rebsamen defends himself against accusations

Mexico City. Rosendo Gómez, a lawyer for the owner of Colegio Rébsamen, which collapsed during the 2017 earthquake, affirmed that he is innocent of the crime of illegal exercise of public service.

Less than a week after being linked to the process and having established the precautionary measure of periodic signature, he pointed out that “I am accused of signing a document without having powers and that this affected the ethics of Semovi, when it was merely informative.”

This document was also reviewed by my superiors, who authorized it at the time, so that in the three months of complementary investigation I will collect all the evidence, to make it clear that “I did not incur any crime.”

He commented that, he was surprised that an arrest warrant was issued against him, because “it had not been possible to locate me, when the Prosecutor’s Office had the possibility of issuing a summons, of which I receive four or five a week, for the cases that I attend ”.

At the same time, to “my defense, in the next few days we will go to the Attorney General’s Office to file a complaint against the Attorney General’s Office and the Judicial Power of Mexico City, for the alleged anomalies committed to increase my sentence. client from 31 to 36 years in prison, ”he said.



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