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picture explanation‘Court of Hell’. Photo lSBS

In ‘Court of Hell’, only Kwon Ah-sol and Myung-hyeon compete in the ring.

In the SBS entertainment program ‘Hell Court in Wonderland’ (hereafter referred to as ‘Hell Court’), which will be broadcast on the 2nd, Kwon Ah-sol and Myeong-hyeon’s only sparkling bout will be drawn after a three-year conflict.

In the last broadcast, Kwon Ah-sol vs Myung Hyun-man’s first meeting in 3 years, which was like a plate of thin ice, was concluded through ‘Court of Hell’ and gathered topics. Prior to the broadcast, the pre-release video of the heated battle reached about 900,000 views on YouTube.

Kwon Ah-sol accused Myeong-Hyeon Man of being ‘a mudfish of a fighting machine that only picks and defeats ordinary people’, and Myung-Hyeon Man criticizes Kwon Ah-Sol for blaspheming himself. The two men, who had a bloody battle of nerves as long as the time of conflict, were eventually sentenced to ‘hell’s sparring’ by the hell judge in the final verdict, and at the end of the broadcast, fierce practice for the sparring match was revealed.

When news spread that the two, who had been in a war of words for a long time, would actually compete on the ring, the attention of viewers as well as martial arts fans was focused. As if responding to the interest of many people on the day of sparring, the two appeared on the field in perfect condition. Myung Hyeon-man was confident of victory, saying, “Since there is a difference in weight class, I will overwhelm the result.” Kwon Ah-sol showed his composure, saying, “It’s sparring like eating rice, but I don’t pay much attention.”

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As the two finished warm-up and doctor checks just like in real sparring, the atmosphere in the arena was filled with tension. Kwon Ah-sol, who was relatively inferior in his weight class, tried various ground techniques and developed a winning strategy, and Myung-hyeon, who was confident, seemed embarrassed for a moment. However, only Myeong-hyeon led the game with overwhelming power, leading to an unpredictable confrontation.

Hell’s sparring after a long battle. Who will emerge victorious after a fierce hand-to-hand battle between the two? The results of Kwon Ah-sol vs Myung Hyun-man’s match will be revealed through ‘Hell Court’, which airs at 9:00 pm on the 2nd.

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