Artist Hussein Al-Mohandes is preparing to release the song “This is Iraqi” for the Iraqi national team

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The artist, Hussein Al-Mohandes, is preparing to release a song entitled This is an Iraqi, during the next few days, through the YouTube video site and various music platforms, as the new song will be on the occasion of the Iraqi national team’s victory in the last Gulf Cup championship.

The song is written by Jawad Moheeb, composed by Zain Abboud, arranged by Amadeo, and performed by Hussein Al Mohandes. The song comes within his new album, which is scheduled to be released in the next few days.

The engineer announced the completion of 3 songs so far within the new album, which includes 6 songs, provided that the rest of the album’s songs will be completed during the coming period.

The artist, Hussein Al-Mohandes, expressed his hope that the new song would be liked by the Arab public, as well as the new album after its release, especially in light of the audience’s interaction with his recent work.

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