Kristina Asmus complained about harassment on social networks due to coronavirus

Christina Asmus recently fell ill with coronavirus. The actress’s illness proceeds with a high fever while she receives treatment at home. However, after she spoke about the infection, she was accused of lying.

According to the actress, she received many angry messages from people who believed that she was paid to post about her infection with the coronavirus.

– Can you really imagine such a situation in your head ?! “Hello Christina! Let us write that you are ill, and we will pay you for it. Let all your filming, performances, premieres be canceled, the theater closed. Sit locked up for at least 2 weeks. Don’t see the child. You will also let thousands of people down, but you will earn money. ” And I’m like, “Yes, of course! The card is linked to the number! “, – posted by Christina Asmus on Instagram.

Also, the ex-wife of humorist Garik Kharlamov joked on this topic and urged subscribers to comply with preventive measures:

– Guys, I’m sorry, we need to work out the contract, so wear masks and gloves. Use antiseptics. And keep your distance. Take care of yourself!

A photo: asmuskristina / Instagram

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