Kris Jenner’s Secrets to Raising Six Children – Revealed by Kim Kardashian in Vogue Italia Interview

Kris Jenner’s Secrets to Raising Six Children – Revealed by Kim Kardashian in Vogue Italia Interview

The Kardashian-Jenner clan keeps growing. Family head Kris Jenner has presented a lot with her six children. Kim already has four.

Kris Jenner (68), the popular mother of the Kardashian clan, always ends up in the headlines with strange stories. This time you can look forward to insights into the life of the 68-year-old after her daughter Kim Kardashian (42) spoke publicly about her. As a mom of six, the Kardashian exec hasn’t always had it easy, but she’s found someone to help her.

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Six kids make a lot of mess

Kim Kardashian, who has four children of her own, has the deepest respect for her mother. The entrepreneur often asked Kris Jenner how she dealt with the chaos that her siblings Kourtney (44), Khloe (39), Kendall (28), Kylie (26), Rob (36) and they have hosted. Now the secret is revealed.

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Kim Kardashian opened up in an interview with Vogue Italia. According to her, Kris used to drink a glass of vodka every day at 5 p.m. – which is supposedly the only way she was able to cope with raising her six children.

Her parents were good role models

The mother of four told Vogue Italia that her parents were still a good role model when it came to raising children. She is also grateful for any help, because after the separation from the rapper Kanye West (46) and the subsequent divorce, she raises her four children North (10), Saint (8), Chicago (5) and Psalm (4) mostly alone.

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