Kriens city council requests extension of deadline for initiative


City council requests extension of deadline for initiative to upgrade the center

The executive wants to wait for the vote on the credit for the Tempo 30 test planning first.

The Kriens center.

Photo: Nadia Schärli (October 14, 2019)

The Kriens city council requests the residents’ council to extend the deadline for dealing with the “Attractiveness of the center” initiative by a maximum of six months. The report and application are expected to be dealt with at the meeting on March 24, 2022, writes the city council.

The reason is that with the credit for a test plan for the introduction of Tempo 30 in the center, the residents’ council has taken up one of the initiative’s main concerns. The SVP held a referendum against this loan. How to proceed depends very much on the outcome of this referendum vote. At the same time, talks were taking place with the initiative committee about a possible withdrawal of the initiative. (std)


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