Back to school in New York: this Monday thousands of students return to classrooms in educational establishments | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

from these hot temperatures.presenter: newsunivision 41 sought the opinionof a teacher now thatteachers return to classrooms.we ask what you think of thisschool year and if I know that it isone year for sure.reporter: tomorrow starts thefirst class of formface-to-face in new york.Do you feel prepared?í, because we haveprepared for the whole summer,but not for other aspects.reporter: what worries you?the learning optionremote.almost 700,000 people werelearning at tell all thoseparents “we don’t care about youopcón “is a big problem.reporter: do you agree withthe vaccination mandate?I agree.for it is important to understandthat our actions affectthe other people of thecommunity. what i do candangerously impactmy students and their families.particularly in new yorkwe have to take care of the asvulnerable, and the wayto do that is to get vaccinated.reporter: do you knowbe a safe school year oryou have doubts?I have my doubts.a teacher friend told me thata student of yours is inintensive carepediatric, with the variantdelta.if that is already happening beforelet the school year begin, noI have faith that we lasted three months.I am very worried about thehealth of all students,of grandparents and families,and in particular I amworried about the studentsless than 12 years old, who have notbeen able to get vaccinated.the most important thing is to have aremote learning option.with that we ensure that there isfewer students in classrooms.that’s the most important thing.also, the parents who feelthat it is very important that yourson is in person, theycan choose that, but those whothey have doubts they can stayat home.we need more tests in only 10% other cities and otherschools, all peoplethey are in a’s the only way tocovid bears.reporter: thank you very much for


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