Krejčíková after the life tournament: I played the best tennis now, but I have to be humble

Tennis player Barbora Krejčíková wants to remain humble after the life tournament, continue to work and turn the gained experience into further improvement. By advancing to the finals of the big tournament in Dubai, he confirms his breakthrough in singles and adds to the label, above all, elite deblists with a quality single.

“I always believed that I could play singles well and it just took me longer to work it out,” she told Krejčíková’s journalists after losing in the final in Dubai to Spaniard Garbina Muguruza. “I’ve had one of the best tournaments of my career, I’m proud and grateful, and it will happen in the next few days.”

By advancing to the premiere final of the 1000 category, she gained great confidence for the next part of the season. “But I have to be humble and go week after week. I’ve played the best tennis this week, beat great players, but next week may not be the same. No one knows what will happen in six months. Now I’m enjoying the present,” she said.

Half a year ago, she wasn’t even in the world’s 100 singles. Roland Garros made a breakthrough in the single. She suspects that she is still new to her opponents, but gradually they get used to her style. “Maybe they will start to lose more and it will be mentally difficult. I have to prepare for it, enjoy the preparation and matches and stay positive,” she said.

She repeated many times that she was still gaining experience. He tries to look at the leading tennis players and learn from them. “How they play, how they cheer, how they look on the court. Everything is still new to me,” said the Brno native. “Maybe I need to improve the service to help myself more. And the mental side is important, Garbiňa was still focused. These are things I can improve on and I want to improve.”

In Dubai, the former trustee of Jana Novotná managed to change the mood to matches. She went to enjoy them. “Ana Ivanovičová used to say that and I didn’t understand what she was talking about. Now I’m getting into that situation. I see that one has to go there and fight, but I feel that I learned to use it and here I did it,” Krejčíková said.

The reward is clear. In singles, it will take 36th place in the world. In half a year, it jumped eighty places. “It’s a bomb, a huge motivation and an assurance that my path is right and I have to continue it. Makat and have fun,” she said.

He will stay in Dubai for another week now. He prefers not to travel home for a week because of coronavirus. “I’m afraid I won’t get anywhere then,” she explained. He will rest on the beach for a few days. “I spend a lot of time at sea, they have to regenerate and prepare for the next tournament,” she added, overlooking Miami, where she will try to confirm the current form.



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