“Kontakte” Is effective by Kagel, St. Werner, Nicolaou and Stockhausen – radiohoerer

A single electrical impulse – a very simple “simply click” – and a whole globe at the rear of it: so imagined the composer Karlheinz Stockhausen. In the 1950s he labored working day and night on new “outrageous” sounds.

One particular of his main will work was established in the legendary WDR studio for digital tunes: “Kontakte” for electronic seems, piano and drums. All over the identical time, Mauricio Kagel pursued extremely similar views: in “Transición II” the pianist generates cluster seems that variety the transition from seem to sounds. At the similar time, a drummer taps the within of the piano. Replays overlap reside events with what has now been played. The final result is a multicolored developing of tonal options from a solitary instrument. Vassos Nicolaou also examines the enlargement of instrumental probable: in this article the piano turns into an instrumental chameleon. Jan St. Werner also performs with the digital spatialization of audio: percussion and electronics not only fulfill on stage, but also in distinctive positions in the hall. The motion, displacement and simultaneity of the various views get the position of centrality and frontality

Mauricio Kagel: Š Transición II for piano, percussion and tapeŠ
Jan St. Werner: Šcentral spark in the darkish for percussion and electronics, environment premiere
ŠVassos Nicolaou: Š Centrifuge for piano and dwell electronics, earth premiereŠ
Karlheinz Stockhausen: Š Contacts for electronic seems, piano and drums
ŠPierre-Laurent Aimard, piano Dirk Rothbrust, drums Marco Stroppa, audio course. ŠRegistration from the Cologne radio station

© WDR 3, concert, June 30, 2022

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