Who is Luis Lorenzo? ‘The jungle of the famous’ and other television projects of the actor

louis lorenzo has become one of the main protagonists of the day. The actor and his partner have been arrested this Friday for the alleged murder of an aunt of hers. At the end of the morning they have stayed in parolebut the judge has imposed on them the precautionary measure of appearing every week in court and has provisionally withdrawn their passport.

Television has followed this gruesome case very closely during today’s session, since Luis Lorenzo has a extensive professional career in the field. One of his best known projects isthe one that is coming‘, where he episodically played Ferrán Barreirosowner of a seafood company with which Antonio Recio, the character played by Jordi Sánchez, competes.

However, Lorenzo’s television beginnings go back many years. Specifically, it was the 90s when he began to take his first steps on the small screen. By then He worked on TVE as co-presenter and collaborator of ‘Hello Raffaella!’the mythical space led by Raffaella Carrà between 1992 and 1994. ‘This is a show’, where she coincided with Bárbara Rey, was another of her projects on public television.

At the end of the 90s and during the 2000s, he decided to focus his career on the world of acting. ‘Family doctor’, ‘Central Hospital’, ‘The Commissioner’, ‘The Mata family’, ‘SMS’, ‘HKM’, ‘I am Bea’ and ‘Eva’s fishbowl’ are some of the series in which he has worked as an actor.

Also, in 2002 He recovered his facet as a presenter and took charge of ‘Desafío final’a contest broadcast by Telecinco in which the losing applicants fell through a trapdoor in the purest ‘Now I fall’ style, a format that was launched years later.

Two years later he made the leap to Antena 3 but not as a program host, but as a contestant. Louis Lawrence was one of the ‘robinsons’ from ‘The jungle of the famous’, a season of the survival reality show that was set in the Amazon jungle. The interpreter, who lived with celebrities such as Sylvia Pantoja, Charo Reina, Leticia Sabater, José Manuel Soto or Canales Rivera, became the seventh expelled.

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