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Know what whole grains are and their types, and get their benefits

Written by Marwa Mahmoud Elias

Tuesday, December 5, 2023 07:00 PM

Whole grains are one of the most important healthy options. Doctors and studies have recently recommended that attention be paid to including them in a person’s daily healthy diet, to enjoy health, increase immunity, and obtain their many benefits.

According to the premier medical hv website, whole grains are those grains from which the bran or seeds have not been removed, which is what keeps them in their natural shape and texture without any interference. Hence their importance and benefit, unlike what happens, for example, with white flour, which makes it an unhealthy option.

The report explained that whole grains resist many diseases and various pathological symptoms, such as high blood sugar, and also help prevent high blood pressure, indicating that these Whole grains It helps prevent the risk of obesity and weight gain, because it contains a huge amount of healthy fiber, which makes you feel full.

One of the most important benefits of whole grains is protecting those who eat them from vascular diseases, because they are a real source of healthy minerals and various vitamins. They also help reduce the chances of developing insulin resistance in some people, and also help increase the level of good cholesterol.

Among the most prominent types of healthy whole grains, as explained by a report published on the Healthline website, brown rice is one of the most important healthy food alternatives that are beneficial to the body and satiate, as is oats with all its healthy foods.

Barley can also be relied upon as a type of healthy and beneficial whole grain. According to the report, popcorn and bulgur are among the most important healthy options as well.

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