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Editorial: DJIBO, a turning point – Journal L’Economiste du Faso

Lhe birds of ill omen were quick to announce the capture of the town of Djibo in the Sahel. Some had even revealed the identity of the attackers “the Jnim”. We just had to wait until the next day to understand that the unprecedented assault on the capital of the Soum province had failed at the cost of a heroic response from the Defense and Security Forces, helped by the VDP. Faced with an onslaught of several hundred heavily armed terrorists, the enemy was pushed back. The scale of the human and material resources of the attack and the stratagems put in place to thwart the vigilance of aerial surveillance show very clearly that this assault perpetrated against Djibo was of obvious importance in the agenda of the terrorists, who They continue to suffer setbacks across the entire front. Djibo is one of the first cities to suffer from terrorism in Burkina. It is the first to have suffered the blockade for several months, under the yoke of armed bands. They wanted to rebel, they failed. Opposite, there is now an army, better equipped and articulated to face the threat. Certainly, this is a turning point in the war. Despite their numbers, their firepower did not allow them to take Djibo or the military camp. There were losses on our side, of course. But isn’t our motto homeland or death?

Abdoulaye PERSON

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