Creative Dialogue: Baz Luhrmann Interviews Chris Hemsworth at Red Sea International Film Festival

In a unique event, Baz Luhrmann, director of the “Elvis” films, interviewed Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, as part of one of the dialogue sessions organized by the “Red Sea International Film Festival” in its third session, during which they discussed a variety of artistic topics and inspiring ideas.

Hemsworth came to the city of Jeddah (western Saudi Arabia) from the Brazilian Comic Con, where he is currently working on launching the first trailer for the movie “Furiosa”, which he finished filming a year ago, the latest version of the “Mad Max” series written by George Miller.

Chairman of the Red Sea Jury, director Baz Luhrmann, interviews Chris Hemsworth (Asharq Al-Awsat)

In the “Red Sea” hall, which was filled with large crowds of his fans, actor Chris Hemsworth received Jumana Al-Rashed, Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Red Sea Film Foundation, and Mohamed Al-Turki, CEO of the Foundation, in the presence of director Baz Luhrmann, Chairman of the Festival’s jury.

Hemsworth talked about his career and the most prominent milestones in his artistic career, most notably his new film, “Furiosa.” At the beginning of the dialogue session, Luhrmann spoke about how 45 years ago, when he was a child, he saw George Miller in Australia making this film, which inspired him a lot, pointing out: Australians have a special way of telling stories.

Hemsworth confirmed his words, saying that during his childhood he had the enthusiasm and passion to be an actor or among the film makers, and he has vivid memories of his letters and the type of story, and then after that he entered acting, indicating that Mel Gibson, who was in the film, was a young actor when he was 20 years old. , created a bridge for many Australians to go to America.

Hemsworth and Luhrmann agreed that inspiration and courage in storytelling have a ripple effect, as they foster industry and spark creativity. Regarding cooperation, Baz said: “It is a beautiful part of filmmaking, the feeling that you are not alone,” while Hemsworth said that “directors like George Miller appreciate kindness and shared experience, as everyone has a thumbprint.”

Luhrmann and Hemsworth discussed creative filmmaking, including writing and producing music, and working on short films and commercials.

Luhrmann described acting as a sport of surfing, which requires instinctive play after preparation. Hemsworth spoke about the importance of listening in acting, emphasizing the need to let go of self-consciousness and really listen to the other player. Luhrmann agreed, highlighting the difference between thinking in lines and One versus the other player’s real response at the moment.

Luhrmann discussed the prevalence of romantic elements in their films, acknowledging that they are romantic despite trying to avoid it, and Hemsworth agreed, highlighting the universal language of love and compassion in films, even in relation to villains.

Chris Hemsworth in Jeddah (Red Sea Foundation)

Luhrmann acknowledged the director’s responsibility in setting the tone and organizing cooperation on set, while Hemsworth stressed the importance of hearing and seeing the actor in the workspace, and its impact on productivity, sharing his experience working with George Miller. Highlighting his ability to highlight honest performances from actors with complex pasts.

Regarding adherence to the script and improvisation, Hemsworth said: “I remember, Robert Englund, he talked about this thing about improvisation, saying, ‘You can only improvise through preparation. And you have some tricks and ideas, but the only way you can leave the character and live in it is instinctively and honestly until “That moment, if you have an accumulation of the full information of the story, I think that’s the same way that you can take a different turn and then we’ll have a moment like that.”

During the meeting, Hemsworth reflected on his creative artistic career, from telling stories in childhood to making films, stressing his enjoyment of The Lord of the Rings when he was a teenager, and his desire to be part of Middle Earth.

Luhrmann emphasized that he still enjoys immersing himself in different worlds through films, and looks for pure excitement and enthusiasm in projects, while Hemsworth talked about how actors such as Jimmy Stewart, Cate Blanchett, and Tom Cruise influenced their lives and art.

Hemsworth said that Tom Cruise’s longevity and work ethic in Hollywood are impressive, despite his courage and creative freedom, discussing the importance of remaining active and involved in creative work, even in retirement, to keep the brain and body active and avoid feeling uncomfortable or unfulfilled.

Luhrmann shared his personal experience of feeling unmotivated and uncomfortable after taking a long break from work, highlighting the importance of having a strong work ethic and creative outlets to survive and be satisfied, stressing the importance of contributing to society and finding a purpose in life.

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