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Kirstie Allsopp Blames Liz Truss, Brexit and Putin for UK Mortgage Crisis

Kirstie Allsopp gave her take on who was responsible for the UK mortgage crisis on Friday.

The 51-year-old outspoken host blamed Liz Truss for the mortgage crisis, due to the former PM’s failed mini-budget, as well as Vladimir Putin and Brexit, in a bold statement.

Kirstie tweeted: “In case there’s anyone out there who doesn’t think we’ve all been fucked by Liz Truss, yes Putin is one of them, so is Brexit, but Truss put a heck of a big cherry on top. cake “.

The Rent, Rent, Rent presenter reposted an article about homebuyers struggling through mortgage hell by tweeting her controversial take.

While some Twitter users agreed with Kirstie’s opinion, others took issue with her comments.

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Willdennis1940 wrote: “It has been expected for ten years. How long did you think rates would stay this low? There is no alternative but to seek the help of a financial or mortgage adviser who knew this was coming.

While somewhat agreeing, Kirstie replied that the rise in mortgage interest rates “could have been a lot slower.”

In January, mortgage approvals were reported to be at their lowest level since 2009 due to economic uncertainty related to the current cost of living crisis, although rates have since improved.

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Open_rocking argues, “Liz Truss was on the job for less than two months and didn’t implement anything. It is absurd to suggest this. This was all caused by the shutdowns and the extreme money printing to pay for them” (sic).

Kirstie replied, “There’s a strong blocking element, which I accept, Truss was pushing a door that was almost open, but she threw it open.”

Pen comments: “I think closures and furloughs also played a big role. But it looks like Truss was the final nail in the coffin, which scared everyone &; saw rates head up”.

Kirstie agrees, adding: “The financial damage caused by lockdowns is not talked about enough, it is treated as if it is all inevitable, but their duration &; their numbers were not inevitable”.

The Bank of England’s survey of first quarter credit conditions suggests that mortgage lending will continue to decline in the second quarter of this year.

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