Kinshasa ‘trembling’ for Pope’s visit: anointing people’s wounds – Vatican News

(Vatican News Network)The streets of Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, are plastered with “Welcome Pope Francis” posters, and related gadgets and flags can be seen everywhere. At the moment when the Pope is about to arrive in the Congo, men and women are constantly preparing to welcome the Pope. This is the second visit by a pope in 37 years since St. John Paul II’s last visit.

Archbishop Ettore Balestrero, the nuncio of the Holy See in the Congo, talked to this news network about the anticipation of the local people for the Pope’s visit, and pointed out that many young people are enthusiastically involved in the preparations. “Now it’s no longer a mere expectation, but a ‘vibration’. People are humming songs written especially for the Pope on the road, more and more posters are posted, and a lot of believers come from other parts of the Congo, from neighboring countries. country comes”.

The archbishop further explained that the Pope’s presence is a “great consolation” for Congo, because “it is a suffering country, a victim of many violence. And now, at least for these three or four days, she Will feel the anointing of the Pope, the anointing of her wounds which unfortunately have been deep “.

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