Basil went a long way against Hezbollah… Will the equation change?

The head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Gebran Bassil, does not leave an opportunity without stressing the impossibility of things returning to the way they were with Hezbollah. It seems that the political aide to the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Hajj Hussein Al-Khalil, made a mistake when he considered that the Free Patriotic Movement and Hezbollah were moving in one direction and not in a state of collision. .

Basil went too far in perpetuating the dispute with Hezbollah, accusing it of being part of a system that he claimed was working to exclude Christians and strike at the balanced national partnership and did not want to implement Taif and decentralization. Reminding Bassil of the stage of the quadruple alliance and building on it at present, and mobilizing the Christian arena with false ideas that are not on the table with Hezbollah or other political forces, and transforming the problems taking place in the country around the cabinet sessions from a political one to a Christian-Islamic pact, all of this is intended to deepen the conflict and fuel the street from In order to defend his interests even if the country was burned.

On the other hand, Bassil deliberately flirted with the leader of the Forces Party, Samir Geagea, by sending signals in more than one direction, not excluding Bkerki, who called on him to collect the speech, and refused any skipping of this speech. Basil tries to put himself in a new Christian-Christian position, when he says, “Christians have a responsibility to agree, because with their agreement they are able, through this system, to fulfill their choice. It is certainly better for the signatory to have the legitimacy of his representation, from him and in him, and not borrowed; but in case of impossibility.” Like today, at least he will be supported by the forces that have representation.” Note that Geagea did not dwell on this speech because he was absolutely convinced that Basil’s accounts were narrow and due to his divergence with Hezbollah over the presidential file, in addition to that Maarab asserts that there is nothing in common that unites Between her and Mirna Chalouhi on the level of visions towards internal files and reforms.

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Bassil will seriously consider running for the presidency of the republic to uphold the right to represent, even if he has no chances, and in this speech Basil wanted again to put Hezbollah before the test of choosing between him and the head of the Marada Movement, Suleiman Franjieh, who is considered for the national movement to be part of the system, noting that Hebron During Mirna Chalouhi’s meeting, he turned to Bassil when talking about the presidential file by saying, “You told the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, during your meeting last October, that you are not a candidate for the presidency of the republic.” Basil replied, “I said so far.”

Political circles close to the Shiite duo confirm to “Lebanon 24” that what Basil said about his candidacy will not change the reality with anything. Even if he embarrasses Hezbollah, he knows that he has no chances at home due to his differences with the majority of the political blocs, and therefore, his thinking about running is directed to the degree. The first is to a number of deputies of the strong Lebanon bloc who are tempted by the idea of ​​running for the presidency of the republic, striking against the wall their presidential dreams, saying: Basil will be the biggest and only loser if he continues to raise the dose of accusation against Hezbollah, which has done its share towards the Free Patriotic Movement and its leader.

However, there are those who consider that Bassil is betting on regional and international changes during the next two months that would impose new equations in the country that will lead him to the Baabda Palace as President of the Republic, knowing that opponents of Basil consider that the fog of illusions is growing in his head, and that he will not succeed in floating himself no matter what. He sought the help of mediators to arrange his relations with the Gulf and Washington, and he will bitterly drink the cup of wrong bets.

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Nevertheless, Bassil announced in his conference, “We have drawn up a draft of names without adopting them and without adhering to any of them, and we have begun to communicate with the blocs to agree with them on a group of names, on the basis of the most appropriate, capable, and fittest to secure consensus on it without challenge, and we call for urgent consultation, To agree on a short list of names to agree on one of them, or to vote for it in case it was not possible to agree on one name from it.In the event that we did not receive a result, we will study the positions of any candidate who arrives, on the condition that, before electing the blocs supporting him, he pledges to implement reform demands in which there is good. For all the Lebanese, most notably the decentralization law, the law of recovering transferred funds, and others.
There is no doubt that the first proposition, which includes a group of names put forward by Bassil, does not meet with a response from most political forces, but the second proposition revolves around many questions. Does Basil accept the arrival of the head of the Marada Movement to the presidency of the republic if he obtains guarantees from the Shiite duo regarding decentralization? And recover the transferred money and other demands that it puts? So he is the maker of the president and succeeded in imposing his conditions? Does the matter apply to the army commander, General Joseph Aoun, if he gets what he wants in the main centers that belong to the Maronites in the state and its departments as well? Or will he remain clinging to his position rejecting Franjieh and Aoun, no matter how great the temptations are, and that his proposal goes beyond them to a third candidate?

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What is certain is that there is no presidency in the foreseeable future, and that Basil will continue to fight the fiercest battles in the face of the army commander, who began to enjoy a local lever combined with an external one, after the head of the Progressive Socialist Party, Walid Jumblatt, went to put forward his name amid information indicating that Representative Wael Abu Faour touched Saudi support for the army commander during his recent visit to Riyadh. It is also certain that Hezbollah will remain attached to Franjieh’s candidacy, whose arrival at Baabda Palace is controlled by the time factor, especially since the latter is betting in turn on regional variables that would create a breach in the voting process in parliament, while there is a different point of view that considers prolonging the vacuum if It was accompanied by a security shock associated with the exacerbation of the financial and monetary crisis, which would change the course of settlements and create a new reality.

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