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It’s 2020 Kim Go Eun Re-engages lovers of South Korean series thanks to his starring work with Lee Min Ho in The king: Eternal monarch de Netflix y SBS.

Years ago, exactly in 2016, he caught critics and viewers by surprise with his first dorama Cheese in the trap. Your participation in Goblin Along with Gong Yoo, it would be his springboard to world fame.

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However, back then Kim Go Eun She was already praised in the local media for her performance in the cinema: only with her first movie, A muse, wiped out the 2012 rookie actor award season.

Now, at 30 years old, she has established herself as one of the great south korean stars. Because of this, interest grows on your path to success.

Although this can be verified with his filmography, it is interesting that before starting his career as actress, she did various part-time jobs and was an online sales model.

Kim Go Eun as an online sales model. Image: Herstyle Korea

Images of her predebut they show a very young Kim Go Eun smiling for the camera lens; However, as she revealed herself, although she looked happy, that job was not what she wanted.

“I only modeled for a short time because I felt I was not made for the job, standing still while the photographer took photos felt extremely uncomfortable.”

Even though those were her words on the Happy Together program, the truth is that for the fans it is still an invaluable treasure to see her long before she became the great actress she is now.

Here are some of the best images of Kim Go Eun as an online sales model. You can find more photos in the gallery at the top of the note.

Kim Go Eun as an online sales model. Image: Herstyle Korea

Kim Go Eun as an online sales model. Image: Herstyle Korea

Kim Go Eun as an online sales model. Image: Herstyle Korea

Kim Go Eun as an online sales model. Image: Herstyle Korea

Kim Go Eun and the theater

In addition to her role as an online sales model, prior to her debut Kim Go Eun participated in musical theater. Here, some photos from 2008 during her performance in FOOTLOOSE.

Kim Go Eun in 2008.

Kim Go Eun pre debut

Kim Go Eun: film debut

Kim Go Eun officially debuted as an actress through A muse, a 2012 film in which she played a 17-year-old girl who breaks into the life of a veteran poet and his apprentice.

Plot complications arise when these men awaken their sexual desires in the face of the young female presence.

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Kim Go Eun: debut in doramas

The first drama of Kim Go Eun It was Cheese in the trap, a 16-episode romantic comedy plus a special, broadcast from January to March 2016 on tvN.

With this work, the protagonist received the Best New Actress award at the season’s PaekSang Arts Awards.

Kim Go Eun portrayed Hong Seol in the Cheese in the Trap drama (tvN, 2016), her first such production. Its co-star was Park Hae Jin.

Kim Go Eun en The king: Eternal monarch

Although he only has 3 dramas in his repertoire, the evolution in the interpretation of Kim Go Eun is notorious. Her most recent work with The king: Eternal monarch has thus become her most mature character on the small screen.

In the series starring alongside Lee Min Ho, Kim Go Eun brought to life Jung Tae Eul, a seasoned detective who finds her life threatened when she begins to relate to Lee Gon, the monarch of a Korea situated in a parallel world.

Kim Go Eun, Lee Min Ho, Gong Yoo, Gobli, the king eternal monarch, doramas

Here you can remember his performance in the memorable scene of chapter 11: “Save the future queen!”.

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