Argentina tightens closure in capital after Corona injuries rise


News now Buenos Aires – Argentina (follow up)

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez announced the extension and tightening of closings in the Buenos Aires metropolitan area from the beginning of July (July) until the 17th of the same month, after the rise in the incidence of new Coronavirus.

Fernandez said that the vast majority of injuries were recorded in and around the capital, adding that time was needed to “reduce the severity of the injuries and ensure that all Argentines receive the health care they deserve.”

It is noteworthy that Argentina has recorded 52,457 cases of corona virus so far, as well as 1167 deaths, after a rapid increase in the past 20 days.

The capital remained closed, while restrictions were eased in other regions.

Local media quoted Fernandez as saying that only basic economic activities would be allowed in the Buenos Aires region, and those in those jobs would need permits to leave their homes.

“Isolate yourselves again in your homes, and don’t go out to buy supplies,” the president added.

Image source: REUTERS

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