Kevin De Bruyne’s salary in Man City, per minute to per year


Kevin De Bruyne add to his contract on Manchester City. The salary has gone up, the numbers are soooo wow!

De Bruyne’s contract together Manchester City initially due to be completed in the summer of 2023. However, the Belgian international midfielder just signed a two-year contract extension on Wednesday (7/4) until 2025.

“I am very happy. Since joining City in 2015, I already feel at home. I like the fans, my family is well established in Manchester and my own game has developed very well,” said Kevin De Bruyne on the club’s official website.

“This club is geared for success. They offer everything I need to maximize performance, so signing this contract is an easy decision,” he continued.

Kevin De Bruyne, Manchester City midfield general (Getty Images / Clive Brunskill)

Kevin De Bruyne already in uniform Manchester City since 2015. Until now, he has recorded 255 appearances in all competitions, contributing 65 goals and 105 assists.

De Bruyne is an irreplaceable midfield general. The vision of the game is captivating, the bait spoils the attackers, plus it has dangerous shooting accuracy.

The Sun launched a new salary Kevin De Bruyne at Manchester City following a contract extension. The numbers are wow.

The following is a breakdown of De Bruyne’s salary, from per minute to per year:

Per minute 31.26 pounds = IDR 626 thousand
Per hour 1785.71 pounds = IDR 35 million
Per day 42,857.14 pounds = IDR 859 million
Per week 300,000 pounds = IDR 6 billion
Per month 1,300,000 pounds = IDR 26 billion
Per year 15,600,000 pounds = IDR 312.6 billion

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* 1 Pounds equivalent to IDR 20,043

(aff / krs)


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