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Kazakh man injured during shooting in Georgia

news-id-116646" style="display:inline;">A conflict occurred in Tbilisi between a Kazakh citizen and a Georgian citizen, as a result of which our compatriot received multiple injuries, Tengrinews.kz reports with reference to the website of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Georgia.

As reported by the General Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia, on November 14, on Nino Zhvania Street in Tbilisi, a conflict occurred between the son of the head of the Dog Rescue and Protection Association Tamaz Elizbarashvili, Guram Elizbarashvili, who was walking his dog, and a Kazakh citizen, whose child attends a kindergarten near the scene of the incident. According to the Georgian media Interpressnews, the owner of the dog and the parent, who is a citizen of Kazakhstan, had a conflict over walking the dog.

The Georgian Prosecutor General’s Office reported that during the conflict, Guram Elizbarashvili fired a firearm at a Kazakh citizen. Law enforcement officers arrested Guram Elizbarashvili a few hours after the incident for wounding a Kazakh citizen. It is noted that the crime weapon was seized as evidence from the house of the mother of the accused’s wife.

Later, the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Ministry of Internal Affairs) of Georgia began an investigation under articles 117 and 236 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which imply intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm and illegal carrying of weapons.

After an investigation, the Georgian Prosecutor General’s Office filed charges against Guram Elizbarashvili.

“As a result of the investigation conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it was established that in Tbilisi on November 14 at about 08:50 after Kazakh citizen S.M. left his child in kindergarten, a conflict occurred between him and the accused Guram Elizbarashvili on Nino Zhvania Street. In particular “, a citizen of Kazakhstan made a remark to the accused about walking a dog on the territory of a kindergarten, which escalated into a conflict,” the Georgian Prosecutor General’s Office said in a statement.

As the department noted, Guram Elizbarashvili was previously convicted of premeditated murder.

“During the conflict that arose, Guram Elizbarashvili fired several times from a firearm in the direction of S.M., as a result of which he inflicted multiple wounds on both legs of the victim,” the prosecutor’s office said in a statement.

According to the department, as a result of one of the shots towards the victim, Guram Elizbarashvili inadvertently inflicted a through gunshot wound in the knee area.

“The Georgian prosecutor’s office has charged one person with the facts of intentionally causing grievous bodily harm, illegal acquisition, storage and carrying of firearms and ammunition,” the law enforcement agency said in a statement.

The prosecutor’s office appealed to the court with a request to apply imprisonment as a preventive measure against the accused for the period established by law. The criminal investigation continues at the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

A Tengrinews.kz correspondent contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan for comments.

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