Kateřina Neumannová’s daughter Lucie Neumannová: An accomplished athlete and aspiring model


Kateřina Neumannová and Lucie Neumannová

Kateřina Neumannová and Lucie Neumannová

The daughter of Olympic champion Kateřina Neumannová has a bright future ahead of her. Nineteen-year-old Lucie is a dedicated athlete who reaps one success after another. In addition, she would definitely apply in the modeling industry. In addition to talent, she also received great grace from God.

Kateřina Neumannová can be rightfully proud of her daughter. The beautiful Lucie decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps and, following her example, completely fell in love with sports. He regularly goes to training and training sessions and works hard on himself. After all, thanks to this, she can boast of a fit body that even professional models could envy.

Beautiful couple

It is therefore not surprising that nineteen-year-old Lucia is surrounded by a number of suitors. But the beauty refuses you. She has been a couple with model Oliver Průcha for some time now. They met while playing sports. “I was playing a tennis match, a champion against a girl, and this guy came there. And he started rooting for the other one,” Lucie Neumannová laughed some time ago in an interview for the program Život ve hvězdách. “She was a player from my team. We actually played against each other, so of course I won’t cheer for the opponent,” added his partner Průcha, who admitted that at first he didn’t even know that Lucie was the daughter of the famous Olympic champion.

Bad relationships

On the other hand, Kateřina Neumannová has not been very lucky in love in recent years. She is very careful. After the end of her relationship with Josef Jindra, who is the father of her daughter Lucie, she is wary of men. The breakup was not easy at all, and there was a fight over millions of assets. However, the relationship itself was far from idyllic. In the end, he completely disappeared from the lives of Kateřina and her daughter Jindra. The young beauty has previously admitted that she has practically no relationship with her father and they have not been in contact for more than two years.

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“Mom has been taking care of everything herself for a long time. I don’t get anything from dad. But I’m fine. I have everything I need for life, studies and sports. I’m certainly not complaining,” Lucie let herself be heard in an interview for lightning.

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