SBB Crisis: CEO Resigns and Shares Soar on Stock Exchange

This week’s news has been dominated by the tours around the crisis company SBB, which culminated in CEO Ilija Batljan’s resignation on Friday – and rush on the stock exchange for the company’s shares.

The real estate company SBB’s crisis has colored this week’s news, and the drama continued right into the roof with rumors of a sale of the company and the founder’s announcement that he is stepping down as CEO.

Now Ilija Batljan is resigning from the CEO position in the pressured real estate company SBB. Photo: TT

Panic is increasing in SBB – may sell the entire company [Dagens PS]

Sale on the table for SBB – then the share rises [Dagens PS]

Ilija Batljan: We want a very good price [Dagens PS]

New race for SBB: Collapses on the stock exchange [Dagens PS]

SBB: Ilija Batljan resigns – the share is soaring on the stock exchange [Dagens PS]

Billions at stake after the Biltema heir's divorce
Louise Wennberg is the only granddaughter of Biltema founder Sten-Åke Lindholm, and chairman of the Biltema Foundation. Image: Biltema Foundation

The heiress’s expensive divorce

The businesswoman Louise Backström, heir to the Biltema Group, has to pay dearly after his divorce. It is clear after a judgment in an English court.

Bitter divorce costs the Swede 88 million [Dagens PS]

Billions at stake for the Biltema heir [Dagens PS]

the electricity fee
Lightning and thunder can be unpleasant for those in the heart of the storm, but do wonders for electricity prices. However, it does not affect network charges to any considerable extent. Photo: Pixabay

More expensive electricity and reliability

A new system for electricity charges could make it more expensive for millions of Swedes, and low confidence in the Swedish pension system has interested Dagens PS readers among the week’s news.

Now the electricity fee is shockingly increased – again: “Is it worth it?” [Dagens PS]

Disaster figures for the Swedish pension system [Dagens PS]

the crown
Several tourists who are abroad have not been able to exchange the Swedish krona (Photo: Pexels, Fredrik Sandberg/TT).

Swedish tourists in trouble

The Swedish krona is under strong pressure, and is at historically low levels. This means that Swedish tourists have had problems abroad.

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Crisis for Swedish tourists – the krona cannot be exchanged [Dagens PS]

Now the Swedish krona is turning upwards: “Undervalued” [Dagens PS]

Time travel backwards

Inflation in Europe is causing several EU countries to introduce maximum prices for food, and the measures give experts the feeling of a trip back in time.

State food prices are now being introduced: “Not seen since the 70s” [Dagens PS]

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