Kate Winslet in hospital: actress injured while filming in Croatia

Concern for actress Kate Winslet. The ‘Titanic’ stardom is currently filming in Croatia for a new film, but just then an accident happened. She had to be taken to the hospital.

Kate Winslet is still in front of the camera 25 years after her hit movie “Titanic”. She is currently filming a new film in Croatia, the historical drama “Lee”, but she may have to take a break for the moment. got hurt

Injured while filming “Lee”: Kate Winslet was taken to the hospital

Kate Winslet was supposed to scare her fans now. The actress has retired, according to the Croatian newspaper “dubrovackidnevnik.net”. a leg injury while filming. She is said to have fallen. The filming of their new project takes place in the Croatian village of Kupari. Will you be able to continue working there in the future?

After a fall: Kate Winslet was taken to the hospital by “more people”.

Apparently, the injury is so bad that the 46-year-old had to be taken to hospital. She was taken to Dubrovnik, about 15 minutes away, and taken to the hospital by “more people”.

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