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[골닷컴] Reporter Kang Dong-hoon = Paris Saint-Germain (PSG, France) barely drew with Newcastle United (England) at home. Although they dominated the game from start to finish, they were on the verge of defeat as they were unable to resolve the decision-making problem, but Kylian Mbappe’s penalty kick (PK) equalizer just before the end gave them a point. Lee Kang-in started as a starter and played 82 minutes, but had no connection to the attack point.

PSG lost 1-1 in the home game of the 5th game of Group F of the 2023-2024 UEFA Champions League (UCL) group stage against Newcastle held at Parc des Princes in Paris, France at 5 a.m. on the 29th (Korean time). It was a draw. After conceding the first goal, they continued to attack in waves, and Mbappe’s dramatic equalizer barely brought the game back to square one.

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PSG, who drew on this day, maintained second place in Group F (2 wins, 1 draw, 2 losses, 7 points). Since the gap with 1st place Borussia Dortmund (Germany, 10 points) is 3 points, PSG can advance to the round of 16 as 1st place if they defeat Dortmund in the final match. However, 3rd place Newcastle United (5 points) and 4th place AC Milan (Italy, 5 points) are in close pursuit, so if they lose, there is a possibility that their advance to the round of 16 will be canceled.

Lee Kang-in was originally excluded from the locally predicted starting lineup and was expected to play as a replacement. In fact, UEFA as well as multiple media outlets predicted that Lee Kang-in would not start as a starter. However, contrary to expectations, he was named in the starting lineup that day and played 82 minutes before being substituted.

Lee Kang-in, who played as left central midfielder, played the role of link between offense and defense by moving freely between the center and the side. He worked with Mbappe on the side and created threatening opportunities in attack. On this day, he succeeded in 3 shots, 1 chance creation, and 2 crosses. He also recorded four tackles, two interceptions, and four ball duels won. However, he had nothing to do with the attack point.

PSG came out with a 4-3-3 formation. Led by Mbappe, Randal Colo Muani and Ousmane Dembele formed a front-line attack triangle and led the attack. Lee Kang-in, Manuel Ugarte, and Fabian Luis formed the midfield in an inverted triangle and provided support.

From the left, Lucas Hernández, Milan Skriniar, Danilo Pereira, and Ashraf Hakimi formed the defensive line. The goal was guarded by Gianluigi Donnarumma. Gonzalo Hamus, Nordi Mukiele, Marco Asensio, Bradley Barcola, Vitinha, and Carlos Soler started on the bench.

PSG opened fire. In the 3rd minute of the first half, Dembele crossed from the right side of the penalty box, and Lee Kang-in attempted a volley but missed. Lewis hit the following second ball immediately, but it went over the top of the goal post. Six minutes later, Hakimi quickly entered the penalty box and gave a cutback, and Mbappe, who was rushing, only changed direction with a backheel, but it was caught by goalkeeper Nick Pope.

PSG, who missed opportunities one after another, was dragged down by conceding the first goal. In the 24th minute of the first half, goalkeeper Donnarumma blocked Miguel Almiron’s left-footed shot near the right edge of the penalty box, but Alexander Isak, who was rushing in front of the goal, pushed the second ball into the net.

As PSG continued to be unable to change the frustrating trend, they eventually made a substitution. In the 17th minute of the second half, Ugarte and Kolo Muani were removed and Barcola and Vitinha were brought in. However, PSG failed to capitalize on the opportunity. In the 21st minute of the second half, Mbappe made a clever move from the right side of the penalty box and crossed, and Barcola touched it in front of the goal, but it went right in front of goalkeeper Pope.

PSG became more desperate and raised the line as high as possible, pulling the reins of attack. In the 22nd minute of the second half, Barcola’s shot from near the left side of the goal, after receiving Mbappe’s penetration pass, hit the side net. In the 36th minute of the second half, Hernández made a low, quick cross from the left side of the penalty box, and Dembele, who was in front of the goal, turned the ball but missed the goal.

PSG brought out the replacement card again. In the 37th minute of the second half, Lee Kang-in came out and Asensio entered. Three minutes later, Ferreira was brought in and Hamus took the field. PSG immediately had an opportunity. In the 42nd minute of the second half, Mbappe’s attempted shot from near the right side of the goal was blocked as it went straight in the face of goalkeeper Pope. M Bappe hit the ensuing second ball again, but he missed the goal.

Just as defeat was deepening as they swallowed their regrets, PSG eventually brought the game back to square one with the remaining time remaining. In the second half of extra time, Tino Libramento was flagged for a handball when Dembele passed inside the penalty box. After a video review (VAR), PK was declared, and Mbappe, who took the kicker, easily succeeded. In the end, the game ended as PSG drew 1-1.

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