The team with the most options to sign Philippe Coutinho

The future of Philippe Coutinho It is not yet clear, since there is still no team that has bet very heavily on him after a somewhat irregular season on loan to Bayern Munich. Given his high profile, the FC Barcelona You need to sell both to not increase the salary of the first team and to amortize a part of the costs of your arrival at the Camp Nou, which already exceed 135 million euros.

The Premier League, who saw Philippe Coutinho triumph thanks to his prodigious performances with the Liverpool, is the most likely escape route for the Rio attacking midfielder and in England they are very clear about which team has the most options of taking it. According to information published by the ‘Daily Mail’, the Tottenham Hotspur It is the best positioned team to achieve their incorporation.

This British media outlet points out several reasons why Philippe Coutinho can get closer to Tottenham Hotspur. One of them is the presence of Jose Mourinho on the bench of the London team, since the Portuguese is a highly respected coach among the great players who could convince the carioca to become the new cornerstone of the project.

And the truth is that Tottenham Hotspur needs the push of a new star of the caliber of Philippe Coutinho to improve the results of this season. The ‘spurs’, just a year after reaching the end of the Champions League, were eliminated by the Leipzig and they were in sixth position in the Premier League. For this reason, the commitment to a renowned signing like Barca is more than necessary.

Tottenham Hotspur knows FC Barcelona’s need to sell and could play with it. His arrival would not only serve to increase the team’s competitiveness, but also to try to convince Harry Kane not to move from London under the promise of an ambitious squad project. In addition, their healthy accounts would help with the payment of an important token such as that of Philippe Coutinho.

Other teams going for Philippe Coutinho

In its publication, the ‘Daily Mail’ makes it clear that Tottenham Hotspur is the favorite to take Philippe Coutinho, but it also compiles a ranking of other English clubs with options. According to said means of communication, the Leicester the second team with more options, closely followed by Arsenal. He Chelsea, who has bet on Kai Havertz, or the Newcastle, whose sale has not borne fruit, have dropped integers.

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