LABOUM’s Hae-in Ties the Knot: A Warm and Simple Wedding Event

Congratulations to the beautiful redhead bride of LABOUM, Hae-in, who yesterday (26 Nov. 2023) led her boyfriend outside the industry to walk into the wedding gate in a warm and simple way. The event was held privately in Gyeonggi Province. There were only family and close acquaintances.

And at this event, LABOUM members came to sing Fresh Adventure ver.2023 along with the bride.
Previously, Hae In announced good news through her personal IG that she was getting married. And I’m about to become a mother because I’m currently pregnant with my little one. “Everyone, I’m getting married in November. The sudden news must have come as a surprise. But I made this decision because I was sure this was the person. We first met at age 19, when we were both young and innocent friends.

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while preparing for marriage As luck would have it, a child came to us. Listening to the heartbeat of a child filled me with emotions I couldn’t explain. It was a time of joy and blessing from God. and moments where I felt a strong sense of responsibility.”

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