Kambala speaks openly about the issue of money in relations

Former basketball player Kaspars Kambala has spoken openly about relationships and children while visiting STV’s first channel show “When They Meet”.

As Kambala reveals, he doesn’t like people who have a relationship with him just for financial gain.

The former basketball player points out that he is currently in a relationship with a woman who herself has a successful business. Kambala makes no secret of the fact that he is pleased that he finally “doesn’t have to cover everything” financially in the relationship.

Kambala also talks about adopting his spouse’s children. “They’re cool, those kids. I like them. I like to communicate with them. What to accept or not to accept there,” says Kambala, who has had similar experiences before.

He also points out that he does not tend to interfere in the relationship between his girlfriend and her children.

Previously talked to “Evening News” hostess Olga Grinchenko-Paciyenko revealed both romantic dating stories. Both got acquainted by exchanging on the social site Instagram. “Kaspars is a very sincere person, his emotional world is so deep and rich that he can be read as an exciting book. And he is such a romantic…” – said the entrepreneur.

“Since I am a Russian, before we met, I did not know who Kaspars Kambala was. I don’t know all Latvian celebrities. But as a tall and handsome guy, I had noticed him in the center of Riga since the summer. I also thought: someone is lucky… “- said Olga with a smile.

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