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The granddaughter of the great Fabrizio De Andr told in an interview with Chi that she was attacked by Giorgio Tambellini, the man for whom she had moved to live in Lucca, also giving up her career on TV

At the beginning of May Francesca De Andr he had revealed on social media that she was the victim of a serious attack that she still couldn’t talk about. Now, a few weeks later, the granddaughter of the great Fabrizio has found the courage to tell what happened to her in a long interview with Gabriele Parpiglia for Chi magazine, confessing that her ex, Giorgio Tambellini, would have reduced her in tragic psychophysical conditions, for whose sake she had moved to Lucca and had put aside her television career. But what was supposed to be a love story soon turned into a nightmare that nearly cost her her life.

A sick love

Since I started dating this person, I have known the pain of a sick love – admits the former Big Brother contestant -. When he was in the “Off” moments, his eyes changed. The beating began immediately. Every object at hand, from his hands, was useful to hit me … I canceled myself while I was subjected to all kinds of humiliation, which always took place in two phases: the first in words, the second physical. But I loved him. And it was precisely the hope of being able to save him, combined with the fact that the man already had problems with the law and that therefore his position would have worsened, initially prevented De Andr from filing a complaint against Tambellini. Until two weeks ago, when everything fell apart. I was on the ground, blood was coming out from every part of my body, from my head full of holes, from my lips – continues the girl in her dramatic story -. I screamed “Enough, enough, stop”. I remember a series of kicks in the head one after the other, then the void. She was saved by her neighbor, who called the Carabinieri and an ambulance. He escaped from behind the house, into the woods, taking my cell phone with him, where there was evidence of other assaults. I did not want to report, but this time the report left the office. Transported to the hospital in red code and with her face totally swollen (I was unrecognizable), De Andr was diagnosed with a head injury. I hope the law will send him straight to jail, where I wish him the worst. Because this is what men have to pay for. As Parpiglia himself explained, the photos of the beating have not yet been published by the weekly, but if they were to serve only to help a girl stuck in the toxicity circle of a fake love, we will do it.

May 25, 2022 (change May 25, 2022 | 13:45)

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