Jurmala team ‘Credit24’ will test the national team candidates in Pärnu

Over the weekend, VK “Biolars” / “Jelgava” and “RTU Robežsardze” ‘/ “Jūrmala” will visit the “Credit24” championship “Parnu VK” led by the head coach of the Latvian men’s national team and represented by three team members. In the Baltic Women’s Volleyball League (BSVL), the league champion RVS / LU, trained by Andrejs Odinokovs, will host Tallinn’s “TalTech” / “Tradehouse” in the hall of the previous season’s final.

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The men from Jūrmala and Jelgava will return to Estonia for the men in the “Credit24” master class. VK “Biolars” / “Jelgava” will play on Saturday in Pärnu, but on Sunday in Tallinn with “Selver”, but “RTU Border Guard” / “Jurmala” will first go to the Estonian capital at “TalTech”, but on Sunday will meet in Pärnu with Tomas Švanas, Atvars Ozoliņš and “Parnu VK” represented by Kristaps Platačs.

It will be a good opportunity for the “RTU Border Guard” / “Jūrmala” team to test their strength before next week’s two fights in the European Volleyball Confederation (CEV) Challenge Cup 1/16 final fights in Jūrmala with the Prague VK “Lvi”.

In the first battles this season with Estonian teams, both units of the Riga women’s team – RVS / LU and RSU / MVS – will play in their field BSVL.

The sweet food will definitely be on Saturday, at 18:00, in the gym of Riga Volleyball School, where the previous season’s champions RVS / LU will receive the vice-champions Tallinn “TalTech” / “Tradehouse”. Also this season, both units are at the top of the tournament table. RVS / LU with 10 points in 4 games is the first, but the Tallinners with three victories in three battles and nine points take the second place.

A day later, the vice-champions are not promised an easy walk in the “Elektrum” Olympic Center, where they will have to meet with RSU / MVS.

“Credit24” meistarlīga
31.10. 15:00 “Parnu VK” – VK “Biolars” / “Jelgava”
31.10. 19:00 “TalTech” – “RTU Border Guard” / “Jurmala”

01.11. 17:00 “Selver” – VK “Biolars” / “Jelgava”
01.11. 19:00 “Parnu VK” – “RTU Border Guard” / “Jūrmala”

31.10. 18:00 RVS/LU – “TalTech”/”Tradehouse”

01.11. 12:00 RSU/MVS – “TalTech”/”Tradehouse”

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