Video .. Al-Sharnoubi apologizes to his wife for “fajita”: “I came in

10:40 AM

Friday 30 October 2020

I wrote – Yasmine El Sharkawy:

The artist, Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi, is the guest of Thursday’s episode of “Live Min Duplex”, presented by the famous doll “Abla Fajita”.

During the episode, “Fahita” asked Al-Sharnoubi to sing his song “My Heart Is Relief”, but by changing the lyrics of the original song and replacing it with words that mock marriage.

Before starting to sing and as soon as he saw the modified words, Muhammad Al-Sharnoubi sent a message to his wife, Randa Riyad, who was present in the studio, saying: “I am sorry I got caught in the position of a monster on the air.”

The program “Live from the Duplex”, its episodes are shown Thursday and Friday of every week at 11 pm Egypt time, and the first episodes of the new season began on Thursday.


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