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Jurmala City Council decides to establish Aspazija Primary School, merging Lielupe Primary School and Alternative School

On Thursday, Jūrmala City Council decided to establish Jūrmala Aspazija Primary School, reorganizing Jūrmala City Lielupe Primary School and Jūrmala Alternative School, LETA informed the municipality.

This school year, 241 students are studying in Jūrmala Alternative School in grades 1-9. Jūrmala Alternative School is located in rented premises at Viestura Street 6, Jūrmala, which belongs to SIA “Bulduru Dārzkopības vidusskola”.

At the Lielupe Primary School, which is located at Aizputes Street 1A, 137 students are studying in grades 1-9.

According to the decision made by Jurmala City Council last year, the reconstruction of Lielupe Primary School will start this school year. Up to 510 students will be able to study in the renovated school building.

Taking this into account, the municipality has decided to establish a new educational institution “Jūrmala Aspazijas Primary School”, merging the Alternative School and Lielupe Primary School.

This would allow to ensure the rational use of the premises of the rebuilt building and would allow the municipality to refuse to rent the premises, which currently costs an average of 16,645 euros per month, according to the site.

The reorganization of schools is planned to be completed by June 15, 2021. This will be possible after receiving the approval of the Ministry of Education and Science.

It has already been reported that parents of students oppose the reorganization of Jūrmala Alternative School. In fact, the Jurmala City Council intends to liquidate the Jurmala Alternative School, which is a child-friendly educational institution with a high quality of education, special methodological approach and traditions, Aleksandrs Mirlins, the Deputy Chairman of the Council of the Jurmala Alternative School, told LETA.

He pointed out that in the home of Jūrmala Aspazija Primary School – in the vicinity of Lielupe Primary School – there is not a sufficient number of children who have reached the declared compulsory education age. For several years in a row, the number of children in this school has decreased – in 2017 there were 200 children, although there is a place for 400 students. This school year, there are 137 students in Lielupe Primary School.

In the opinion of parents, the decision of Jūrmala City Council to reorganize schools is not related to the logical planning of educational processes and the desire to improve the quality of education in Jūrmala, but to the desire to implement an expensive construction project.

According to the Jurmala City Council, the construction works are planned to start this year and be completed within 14 months, investing a total of approximately 11 million euros.

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