June 19 Preliminary Hearing Set for Alleged Perpetrator of Violent Death in Granada, Spain


The Investigating Court number 2 of Loja has scheduled for June 19 at 10:00 a.m. the preliminary hearing in which the twenty-year-old who is in provisional prison as the alleged perpetrator of the violent death of a young man is expected to be present. 19-year-old in tears, also in the west of Granada, in the middle of last August.

This has been detailed by judicial sources consulted by Europa Press about this case that will be prosecuted, on a date yet to be determined, by the formula of the jury in the Provincial Court of Granada, in principle for the alleged commission of a crime of homicide.

It is the first important procedure within the framework of what is contemplated by the Jury Law by which the Court judges the case. In it, each party presents their version of the facts and the crimes that, in their opinion, could be involved.

Precisely the defendant’s defense appealed to the Hearing against the judge’s decision to bring the case by the formula of the popular jury considering that it could be an alleged reckless homicide, although that gave the instructor the reason.

In this preliminary hearing, the investigated person is given a voice in case he wants to rule on the facts, or explain his involvement in them, or defend his innocence. In the same session, the parties, including the Prosecutor’s Office and the private prosecution on behalf of the family of the deceased, may request the procedures they deem necessary to carry out.

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Subsequently, the judge will issue the corresponding order responding to all the questions raised and stipulating the procedures that can be carried out. The events were triggered by the death, on the morning of Monday, August 15, of a 19-year-old youth, after having been the victim of an assault while crying as part of the celebration of his major festivals.

Specifically, it was after a fight at dawn inside the fairgrounds, when the boy would have received a blow, hitting his head against a curb of an adjacent street when the ground fell, sources of the investigation indicated then.

According to sources from the Andalusian 112 unified emergency service, informed Europa Press, shortly before 6:40 a.m., several people alerted the emergency services that a young man had been the victim of an attack on Diego de Silo street in this Granada municipality.

Members of the Civil Guard, the Local Police and the 061 Health Emergencies Company were mobilized, whose doctors transferred the wounded man to the hospital in Granada, where he was admitted to the Traumatology area, already deceased.

On Tuesday the 16th at noon, the only one investigated for these events turned in at the Benemrita Command in the capital of Granada, which led to riots that ended with the destruction of homes in his family environment and the overturning of vehicles, a cause that continues this same year apart. Court 2 of Loja, with 14 investigated.

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