Anies Baswedan’s Vice Presidential Candidate Still a Mystery despite KPP Agreement


The name of the vice president for Anies Baswedan has not been revealed even though it has been agreed upon by the respective chairmen in the Coalition for Change for Unity (KPP). Deputy of Bappilu Democrats Kamhar Lakumani said that the news that Anies’ cawapres figure had been announced to the public was to show the progress of the Team of Eight’s work within the coalition’s internal axis.

“The submission of one name to the public as vice presidential candidate Mas Anies Baswedan is a sign that the Coalition for Change for Unity through the Team of Eight continues to show progress or progress in carrying out the tasks according to the mandate given,” Kamhar told reporters, Sunday (4/6/ 2023).

However, said Kamhar, the name of Anies’ vice presidential candidate had not been announced because he was waiting for the right moment, as Anies Baswedan himself said. He did not reveal further about the moment that was considered appropriate.

“However, announcing it to the public will certainly see the right momentum, as Mas Anies has stated, ‘it will be announced in due course’,” he said.

Kamhar further reviewed the contents of the cooperation charter that had been signed by the three political party heads at the KPP, namely the NasDem chairman Surya Paloh, the Democrat chairman Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono, and PKS President Ahmad Syaikhu. Kamhar said that the announcement of the presidential and vice presidential candidates for KPP would be announced soon.

“According to the fourth point of the three-party cooperation charter, in the not too distant future the KPP will hold a declaration and announce the 2024-2029 presidential and vice-presidential pairs. We all obey the principle and will heed that. So, let’s wait and see,” he said .

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Anies admits that he has appointed a vice presidential candidate

Previously, Anies Baswedan revealed that his cawapres figure already existed. However, he was reluctant to reveal his name because according to him there was still a long process.

“It’s already there but it’s still long,” Anies told reporters in Ancol, North Jakarta, Saturday (3/6).

When asked whether the figure had narrowed down to one name, Anies was reluctant to elaborate. Anies said that there was only one candidate for vice president.

“Are there three cawapres? There are four? One,” said Anies.

“It’s been said that there is one cawapres. Yes, indeed one. It’s impossible for there to be two cawapres,” he added.


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