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Jumbo Supermarket Reports 100 Million Euros of Stolen Groceries in 2023, Shoplifting Cases Increase by 60 Percent


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Supermarket chain Jumbo today revealed that 100 million euros worth of groceries were stolen from its stores last year. That is as much as the entire annual profit of the supermarket chain. The number of shoplifting cases at the company increased sharply, 60 percent more than in 2022. According to various organizations, shoplifting is a broader social problem.

“Also at toy stores, clothing stores and other stores, there is more theft everywhere than before,” says Martijn Wildeboer of the Center for Crime Prevention and Safety (CCV). He thinks it is brave of Jumbo to release figures on shoplifting. “Organizations are usually reluctant to share this.”

The number of reports of shoplifting to the police also shows that theft is increasing. In 2023, almost 45,000 reports were filed. The figures for December are not yet included.

According to many people, inflation and high prices are the cause of increased shoplifting:

Number of shoplifting is increasing: ‘It is a consequence of the high prices’

In 2022, more than 40,000 thefts were reported to the police. Sometimes shops also choose to solve the problem differently, for example by making the perpetrator pay the standard fine of 181 euros or imposing a shopping ban.

Mentality problem

Supermarket chain Dirk recognizes the image that the number of thefts is increasing. They always report shoplifting. “Unfortunately, in more difficult times financially, this happens more often than usual. At Dirk we do everything we can to keep our prices as low as possible. This becomes more difficult if there are people who do not pay for products.”

But not only poverty plays a role in shoplifting. Wildeboer from CCV also points to a mentality problem. “People think they are allowed and able to do more. There is also more aggressiveness towards staff if they do not agree with something.”

Albert Heijn does not want to say whether the number of thefts at their supermarkets has increased or decreased. The supermarket chain does say that shoplifting leads to financial damage. According to supermarket umbrella organization CBL, shoplifting has been a problem for the sector for some time. “Both at the regular checkout and at the self-scan.”

More camera surveillance

René Middag of the National Expertise and Operations Unit of the police thinks about combating theft in shops. “If certain products are stolen a lot, the positioning of the products and the placement of cameras can play a major role.” Supermarket umbrella organization CBL agrees. “Products that are often stolen are often placed in plain sight of employees.”

Jumbo will take extra measures against shoplifting, such as more camera surveillance. Supermarket chain Dirk has also taken safety measures. For example, there are extra cameras at the cash registers and security guards are present in the stores.

According to INretail, the trade organization for entrepreneurs, the current approach to shoplifting is apparently insufficient. “When you see the numbers.” According to the trade association, it is up to politicians and society to think about this problem. “This is currently not receiving enough attention. The approach to this must really be stated in black and white in a coalition agreement.”

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